Partner with the GDSA Secretariat

The GDSA Secretariat facilitates progress in member countries by working with implementing partners on a range of topics related to the GDSA's three action statements:

Action Statement 1: Integrating the value of natural capital into national accounting and corporate planning and reporting processes, policies and programmes, in agreed efforts, including the appended Communiqué on Natural Capital Accounting.

Action Statement 2: Building social capital and reducing poverty by transitioning agriculture, extractive industries, fisheries and other natural capital uses to practices that promote sustainable employment, food security, sustainable energy and the protection of natural capital through protected areas and other mechanisms.

Action Statement 3: Building knowledge, data, capacity and policy networks to promote leadership and new models in the field of sustainable development, and to increase momentum for positive change.

Why partner with the GDSA Secretariat

The Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa (GDSA) is a voluntary and inclusive partnership of African nations, organizations, and private sector companies, who inspire and support each other to take action towards sustainable development. GDSA partners benefit from being able to:

  • Leverage the GDSA’s network to leverage financial, political, and institutional support for sustainable development in Africa.
  • Connect and collaborate with partners from across political jurisdictions to support the implementation of commitments, the scaling of solutions, and to track progress in relation to the SDGs.
  • Strategize with other partners and partners to strategically frame sustainability issues and show how African countries can provide scalable solutions to global challenges.
  • Incubate, launch and strengthen high-impact initiatives to move forward mutual priorities.

Examples of the kinds of activities that the GDSA Secretariat conducts can be found on our blog and in our 2016 activity report.

Types of partnerships

We have two partnership categories: Implementing Partners and Friends of the GDSA.

Implementing Partners

  • Implementing Partners include entities that provide funding and resources to the GDSA Secretariat. Implementing partners also include entities that are funding or implementing GDSA-related programming in partner countries.
  • Implementing Partners will be invited to all meetings organized in international forums.
  • Implementing Partners will be encouraged to work together with the GDSA Secretariat to undertake new work in GDSA member countries and to proactively use the GDSA platform as a way to share lessons learned across the member countries.
  • Recognized during events coordinated by the GDSA as well as on communications materials and websites.
  • Encouraged to include the GDSA logo on their website as an implementing partner.

Friends of the GDSA

  • 'Friends of the GDSA' allows the Secretariat to recognize the valuable contribution of entities that actively work to implement the vision of the GDSA (e.g. working groups, event support and coordination, strategy advice and planning).
  • Friends of the GDSA may be undertaking work that is relevant to the GDSA commitments but may not meet the criteria of funding and resource mobilization as articulated for ‘Implementing Partners’.

All partners and friends of the GDSA are encouraged to support the overall growth and sustainability of the partnership.

Apply to be a partner

The GDSA welcomes any individuals, countries, or organizations interested in supporting its mission to apply for partnership. To apply, prospective partners should complete a Partnership Application Form, below.

Your application will be reviewed by the GDSA Secretariat against the following criteria:

  • Your country/organization shares and supports the GDSA's mission to move towards sustainable development (full GDSA text available here)
  • Your country/organization will be a champion of the GDSA and its mission
  • Your country/organization adds to the GDSA’s credibility

Countries interested in formally joining the GDSA will then be contacted by the Secretariat to formally investigate joining procedures.

GDSA partners and friends are asked to show a commitment to the growth and sustainability of the GDSA by providing resources and funding as applicable, actively encouraging other countries/organizations to become partners, in-kind support, and recommending and engaging new prospective partners around our priority areas.