The JRS Biodiversity Foundation project is a Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa project aimed at providing Gaborone Declaration member countries with the information they need to adopt and implement policies to preserve their natural environment, particularly their biodiversity.

 The main goal of the project is to determine how current policies support biodiversity information generation, use, maintenance and access as well as how they enhance the impact of biodiversity information management.

 Activities and Outcomes of the project:  

  • A database of policies and related literature on biodiversity data and biodiversity informatics projects.
  • Recommendations of best practices for quantifying quality biodiversity data and policies that enhance the impact of biodiversity informatics   projects.
  • Recommendations towards a strategy for promotion of use of common vocabularies, classification systems and standards by the concerned  countries;
  • Work with at least five countries to develop a common mechanism of quantifying biodiversity data;
  • Dissemination of lessons learned and information on existing gaps per country at the annual Gaborone Declaration conference;
  • Adoption of recommendations towards a Strategy for promotion of use of common vocabularies, classification systems and standards;
  • Share best practice on methods of dissemination as well as access to data.

The database, when finalized, will be uploaded here for the public to access.