The GDSA Secretariat to participate in two-year working group on sustainable water

April 2018: The GDSA Secretariat is pleased to announce that it has been invited to participate in a multi-year working group (also known as a 'Pursuit'), funded by SESYNC, that aims to increase understanding of how water resources can be sustainably managed in urban areas in Africa. The Pursuit - which is being led by colleagues from the City College of New York (USA) and Conservation International - will involve a team of 19 experts meeting four times between mid-2018 and end-2019. Of relevance to the GDSA member countries, the outputs of the Pursuit will include case studies for two of the GDSA member countries which will aim to provide policy-relevant recommendations for how natural and blended infrastructure can be used to support water sustainability targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More information about the project can be found on the SESYNC website, here.

Photographs courtesy of © Benjamin Drummond.