GDSA member countries: progress on implementation

In 2017, the GDSA Secretariat initiated a series of reporting and monitoring efforts, all aimed at helping to capture progress under the GDSA. As part of these efforts, the GDSA Secretariat undertook, for the first time, a systematic assessment of the GDSA member countries on their progress to date on the GDSA action statements. Over the course of two months, the GDSA member countries were asked to voluntarily report on their progress on five outputs which had been agreed upon during the 2015 road show visits by the GDSA Secretariat to the member countries. Four member countries (Mozambique, Madagascar, Rwanda, and Uganda) submitted complete and government-approved reports (see below). A further four countries (Botswana, Gabon, Ghana, and Namibia) submitted partially complete or draft reports which were not made publicly available but the information submitted has been included in a summary report which is available on the GDSA website.

Moving forward, voluntarily national-level reporting will become a regular activity of the GDSA Secretariat.

Summary report available online: GDSA (2017) National progress under the GDSA: Five years of progress towards sustainability. Gaborone, Botswana.