Namibia is Second Gaborone Declaration Roadshow Stop

Conservation International in collaboration with the Government of Botswana held a meeting in Windhoek, Namibia at the Hilton hotel on the 21st of May 2015. The participants included representatives from government departments and civil society, including the Chief Executive Officer of the Environment Investment Fund. The objectives of the meeting were to introduce the Secretariat, ground truth the established baseline research, discuss the Gaborone Declaration’s 5 outcomes, and determine country priorities and implementation activities to reach these outcomes. The link between the Sustainable Development Goals and the Gaborone Declaration was also discussed as a part of the roadshow.

To reach the Gaborone Declaration’s outcomes, Namibia committed to the implementation of Systems Environmental Economic Accounting. Going forward, sustainable development will be integrated into national development strategies such as the natural resource assessment including Biotrade. The Namibian Association for Community Based Natural Resource Management will work to support implementation projects.