Gaborone Declaration Roadshow begins in Kigali, Rwanda

On the 30th of April, 2015, representatives from the government of Botswana along with Conservation International (acting as the Gaborone Declaration Secretariat) conducted a roadshow meeting in Kigali, Rwanda at the Grand Legacy Hotel. The roadshow brought together key Rwandan high-level representatives including the Minister of Natural Resources, and heads of agencies, departments and divisions such as agriculture, mining, finance, statistics and water, echoing the cross-sectoral integration of the Gaborone Declaration. The purpose of the roadshow meeting was to ground truth baseline research, introduce the 5 outcomes of the declaration and help Rwanda to determine priorities and implementation activities to reach these outcomes.

Discussions were led on the link between sustainable development and the Gaborone Declaration as well as the challenges and lessons learned since the inception of the Gaborone Declaration. At the end of the meeting Rwanda determined that it was on track to continue with its sustainable development planning which pursues a green economy approach. The need was discussed to build capacity among sectors in natural capital accounting (NCA) and link this effort to the work of the WAVES program. Rwanda also committed to putting an environmental-economic monitoring program in place. Finally Rwanda discussed demonstrating its commitment to the Gaborone Declaration by implementing large-scale projects that will integrate the value of nature into economic activity.